This is not just another psychological site. It’s uniqueness is being loaded with tools designated to make productive and quick changes in countless “problems” that people trudge through.

I put the word problems in quotation marks due to the common tendency to notice any tiny bit of symptoms and phenomenon instead of all of the diverse  abilities and various possibilities. Thus many people spend their life in therapy plodding through reducing life experiences.

Clearly at times there’s no choice but to treat a specific symptom immedietly

If you break a leg, the bone must be set into place for a couple of days. Or if you’ve lost consciousness you must be quickly resusitated. But, this is what I refer to as an event which needs immediate treatment, as Opposed to chronic passing of time in therapy.

Be patient to yourself, undergoing mental change is not easy when one’s mental habits are already set. Yet whoever succeeds in making this mental change will discover a landscape rich in possibilities and with a tool box for one’s disposal, and even influence your surroundings.

All the books which I’ve published, under whatever headline, teach how to think. In this site there’ll be a lot of written material. It isn’t suited for impatient and frantic people. Unfortunatly, there’s no choice.

Any learning, or change making requires a certain effort and persistance. Even learning how to play the guitar requires a basic effort before you actually enjoy how to play.

I suppose that whoever will find it difficult to recruit some effort to read, will probably find it even harder making even more complex changes.